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NFT ART GLXY Interviews InvertTheWorld

From nftArtglxy: NFT's for Education - You have to start somewhere (is what DJ teaches his students), follow the NFT Journey of 3 Brothers from Memphis.

Learn more about this exciting project By DJ Johnson, an Educator, education students in the creation of ART, through the medium of NFT’s showing the community the way, how he has evolved and learned photoshop, and the tools to create his first NFT project. …….Everything you create is an asset, if not used for today, another day will come….Algorhythms…. 3 brothers from Memphis (Booker T Washington School…)….. with just a keyboard, old 70,s cloths, all the way to the top, making music…

DJ is now a Co Chair of Graphic Art Department In Atlanta Georgia… Showing students HOW TO….Not only is he teaching, he is also doing… he is creating, leading by example to inspire his TALENTED students… This project represents that… taking the first step, and snowballing into success with consistency, and a rhythm, pushing forward, getting better and better, the evolution of KEEPING ON MOVING FORWARD…

​We have to start Somewhere - one motion of creativity….: “One push of a button, a photo is taken. One stroke of a brush art is made, One Finger On Key Key Music is Made.” AlgoRhythms Twitter @algorhythmsNFT Created a 111 non generative pfp supporting programs that help teens become Creative Entrepreneurs through music, dance and art NFTs. created by @inverttheworld “Pictures Pixels and Paint” Artist & Educator. Creator of @algorhythmsnft #MensMentalHealth. #VisualArtist#NFTArtist inverttheworld.eth"

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