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 Invert The World is the creative process  of myself D.J. Johnson: An educator, and entrepreneur. I found his creative talents in 2008  beginning as a self taught graphic designer, then transitioning into photography then painting. Blending my creative talents with my curriculum development and classroom instruction advanced me in my profession. The transition into creative expression changed  my perception and life outlook as a whole, and allowed me to find my true purpose: TO CREATE.  As of 2008 an award winning photographer, film producer and extensively exhibited visual artist. From Jack Daniel’s Art Beat and Lyrics to his annual Muses Memphis & Music exhibit in Memphis, TN, & The Moving Art Experience in Atlanta, GA. 
     I display my work in a variety of mediums; photography, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media.  I served as the faculty producer of the Day Time Emmy Nominated, " MTV’s Race To the Top Commencement Challenge", chronicling President Obama’s trip to Memphis TN’s Booker T. Washington High School. D.J. I am graduate of the Illustrious Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA and The University of Memphis in Memphis, TN.  ​D.J and is currently teaching Graphic Design and Photography at the high school level in Atlanta, GA. 


Solo Exhibit
Memphis, Muses & Music- William A. Goodwyn Fine Arts Gallery, Memphis TN- 2014


Traveling Group Exhibits
Jack Daniel's Art Beats & Lyrics - 2011, Charlotte 
Jack Daniel's Art Beats & Lyrics - 2012, Atlanta 
Jack Daniel's Art Beats & Lyrics - 2013, Atlanta 

Moving Art Experience - April 2016, New York
Moving Art Experience - July 2016, Miami
Moving Art Experience - Oct 2016, HOBI Studio Atlanta
Moving Art Experience - March 2019,  ArtLanta- Atlanta

Group Exhibits
Art Is King- 2014 - Atlanta Tech Village, Atlanta
Sex Sells -  2015 Paragon 7, Atlanta
Poetic Brushes - 2015 Paragon 7, Atlanta
Art of Giving-2015 Studio No. 7, Atlanta
Art, Art, Art - 2015 HOBI Studios
The Fashion Oprah - 2015 - GA Freight Depot, Atlanta  
Sex Sells -  2017 Artlanta, Atlanta
​Lead By Example- 2018, Zuckerman Fine Arts Gallery, Kennesaw, GA 
Fulton County Art Acquisition Program - 2018, 42 Floors Gallery, Atlanta 
​​The Time Is Now- 2020  BrightRing Gallery, Atlanta 
Central In Focus Exhibit- 2021 Futon Co. Central Library, Atlanta

Invert The World in the Media
Shot Out Atl:Meet D.J. Johnson
Moving Art Miami 
Stockpile Party by Carbon Films 




Graphic Designer



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