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Invert The World is the creative process of D.J. Johnson: an educator, entrepreneur, and brand developer/consultant. Beginning as a self-taught graphic designer in 2008, D.J. has since transitioned into photography, painting, and brand development. His ability to blend creative talent with curriculum development and classroom instruction has propelled him in his profession, and his passion for creative expression has allowed him to find his true purpose: to create. 


D.J. is an award-winning photographer, film producer, and extensively exhibited visual artist, having showcased his work in a variety of mediums such as photography, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media. He has served as the faculty producer of the Daytime Emmy-nominated "MTV’s Race To the Top Commencement Challenge", chronicling President Obama’s trip to Memphis TN’s Booker T. Washington High School. 


D.J. is a graduate of the Illustrious Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA, and The University of Memphis in Memphis, TN. Currently, he is using his talents to teach Graphic Design and Photography at the high school level in Atlanta, GA, while also offering branding development and consulting services to clients. 


His work has been showcased at events such as Jack Daniel’s Art Beat and Lyrics, his annual Muses Memphis & Music exhibit in Memphis, TN, and The Moving Art Experience in Atlanta, GA. With a passion for creative expression and a talent for brand development, D.J. is dedicated to helping others find their true purpose and bring their visions to life.


Solo Exhibit
Memphis, Muses & Music- William A. Goodwyn Fine Arts Gallery, Memphis TN- 2014

Traveling Group Exhibits
Jack Daniel's Art Beats & Lyrics - 2011, Charlotte 
Jack Daniel's Art Beats
& Lyrics - 2012, Atlanta 
Jack Daniel's Art Beats & Lyrics - 2013, Atlanta 
Moving Art Experience - April 2016, New York
Moving Art Experience - July 2016, Miami
Moving Art Experience - Oct 2016, HOBI Studio Atlanta
Moving Art Experience - March 2019,  ArtLanta- Atlanta

Group Exhibits

Art Is King- 2014 - Atlanta Tech Village, AtlantaSex Sells -  2015 Paragon 7, AtlantaPoetic Brushes - 2015 Paragon 7, AtlantaArt of Giving-2015 Studio No. 7, AtlantaArt, Art, Art - 2015 HOBI StudiosThe Fashion Oprah - 2015 - GA Freight Depot, Atlanta  Sex Sells -  2017 Artlanta, Atlanta​Lead By Example- 2018, Zuckerman Fine Arts Gallery, Kennesaw, GA Fulton County Art Acquisition Program - 2018, 42 Floors Gallery, Atlanta ​​The Time Is Now- 2020  BrightRing Gallery, Atlanta Central In Focus Exhibit- 2021 Futon Co. Central Library, Atlanta


As an artist, educator, and brand developer/consultant, I believe that creativity is one of the most valuable assets that one can possess. My desire to be creatively versatile has driven me to explore a variety of mediums such as photography, painting, and mixed media, allowing me to express myself in unique ways and communicate my vision with others.

Through my work, I aim to inspire creativity and bring people together. I believe that art has the power to transcend barriers and connect people from all walks of life. My goal is to transfer my skills to my community, making creativity and artistic expression more accessible to everyone.

I see myself not just as an artist, but also as a teacher and mentor. My experience as an educator has allowed me to develop a unique perspective on the power of creativity and how it can be used to effect change. I strive to be an asset to my community, using my talents to inspire, educate, and empower those around me.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create work that is both meaningful and impactful. Whether through my photography, painting, or brand development, I aim to communicate a message and evoke emotion in my audience. By being creatively versatile, I hope to inspire others to explore their own creativity and discover the unique value that it can bring to their lives and communities.

Clients & Campaigns




Graphic Designer



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