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Moving Art Miami-Pt 1 Acro-Yoga Training on Miami Beach

At this point, it is no secret that I enjoy being an artist. Like really enjoy it. And once again I can claim to have had the time of my life. As you know I am a featured artist in the Moving Art Atl exhibit, an exhibit blending art and Acro-yoga. Recently we took the show back on the road. This time we took our talents to South Beach...and Wynwood.

The acro-yoga duo of Celeste Aida and Jordan Coburn set the beach on fire with their Acro Yoga Workshop. Make sure you follow them on IG at @jacofalltrades7 & @fitmatter1432. Also check out the other yogis that came to hang out as well: @@draeabrookes,, @sprdlove, @sunkissed_goddess, @tae_noi,r and @yogawithredhead. Check out the scenes from the beach below.

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