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"Meet The Teach"- Kitten Coins Interviews InvertTheWorld about AlgoRhythms F.O.K.

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

FROM KTCN: KTNC Learn Interview with DJ Johnson AKA InvertTheWorld

DJ is an artist, educator, and creator of the AlgoRhythms: Fingers on Keys NFT PFP project. DJ has a B.A. of sociology from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA, and a Masters of Art in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership from the University of Memphis. DJ is a 22 year educator with a strong background in curriculum development and strategic implementation. As a visual artist, D.J creates and exhibits as “InvertTheWorld”.

BCM and InvertTheWorld discuss

1. The process of becoming a creative and becoming an NFT artist

2. The Algorand community

3. The value Algorand can bring to the K-12 space

KittenCoin is an educational token used to introduce people and communities around the globe to the Algorand blockchain. KTNC Learn is using KTNC to support K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics programs (STEAM).

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